FAQs for WeCook! Foods

Q: Why Ready-to-Cook Frozen Food?

A: Our products have been designed keeping in mind the COVID 19 pandemic situation that has forced people to stay indoors and spend more time at our respective homes. All products have a range of not more than 10-15 mins of cooking time for your convenience. We also encourage using fresh vegetables and making customizations to our product based on individual tastes and requirements so that you get Wellness, Nutrition and a Gourmet Dining experience - all at the same time.

Q: Are there any preservatives or artificial colors in the products?

A: No, we do not add any additional colors or preservatives to increase the shelf life of the products we manufacture. Although, the ingredients that we use to make our products like seasonings, masalas, etc. (used in all households in general) may already contain coloring and preservatives from the source.

Q: Is frozen food less nutritious than fresh food?

A: Our food products are immediately frozen using blast freezing technology immediately after cooking at -18 Degrees Celsius. The goodness of the ingredients is locked in the product upon freezing.

Q: Does frozen food retain the same freshness and flavors? 

A: Yes, there is negligible microbiological activity in frozen products at -18 Degrees Celsius and above. Once opened or thawed at room temperatures, should be consumed the same day like fresh food.

Q: What is the appropriate way to store food?

A: Always store Frozen Food Products in Frost Free Freezers/Refrigerators at -18 Degrees Celsius or beyond.

Re-seal or otherwise close opened as products that are exposed to the freezer environment usually deteriorate due to dehydration more quickly than unopened packages.

Use items with the oldest dates first.

Q: Are there any chances of contracting COVID 19 or any other similar Viruses by consuming frozen food? 

A: No, our products are packaged with multiple tiers to protect the food from coming in direct contact with the handlers. The package upon receiving can be well sanitized for hygiene and safety. Also, food once cooked at 100 Degrees Celsius and beyond for a minimum of 10 minutes – tends to kill all contamination that may possibly be present in the product if any.